Learning from observing Simulations

This research supports the notion that learners can learn by observing others taking part in simulated tasks.  Article on Learning from Simulations  

TEL and Simulation in Health

Simulation Hub is a blog on TEL in health care, there is a focus on simulation and a section with full text research papers.  

Snowflaked learning and it’s application

  This is an amazing little article from Duval, it's got me thinking about practical applications, on further reflection it seems I have been using aspects of this approach for some years in my face to face teaching practice but not online. In the same way that all snowflakes in a snowstorm are unique, each…

Easy Podcast Text Content Sharing

This website is a great clean example of how to share audio and text information, the site looks clean so it's easy for users to navigate. Just think how simple this is to use if you are a clinical person that spends very little time on computers, there is an easy podcast player and the…