In this short article Duval outlines the Snowflake Effect and proposes how it may be used in learning, here is an excerpt.

This effect will be realized through a hybrid approach with push and pull techniques, in which information is actively requested or searched by the user, but also more and more subtly integrated in his work and learning environment. In this way, a learning environment can be created that is geared to the individual needs of the teacher or student.  (Duval, 2008)

However he points out some of the downsides of this approach.

There are obvious questions about privacy and unauthorized use of personal data. But it is highly preferable to actually have that discussion and make possible the use of such data, rather than to continue the current situation where google is probably better informed of what a student does, knows and can than the educational institution that grants the student a diploma! (Duval, 2008) 


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