This is an amazing little article from Duval, it’s got me thinking about practical applications, on further reflection it seems I have been using aspects of this approach for some years in my face to face teaching practice but not online.

In the same way that all snowflakes in a snowstorm are unique, each user has her specific characteristics, restrictions and interests. That is why we speak of a “snowflake effect”, to indicate that, more and more, the aforementioned facilities will be relied upon to realize far-reaching forms of personalization and “mass customization”. This effect will be realized through a hybrid approach with push and pull techniques, in which information is actively requested or searched by the user, but also more and more subtly integrated in his work and learning environment. In this way, a learning environment can be created that is geared to the individual needs of the teacher or student. (Duval, 2008)

The question is how can I apply this online? not just apply it but in a way that reaps real rewards for my learners.  What will it cost in terms of resources, time, money, emotional and physical expenditure?

No idea, I will have to think about it some more, test out some ideas and see if it works or not.


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