I found this article on storyboarding, this is something I’ve only just started to use for eLearning. It turns out that I’ve been using the art of storyboarding all along, just that I call it planning because in my background in business and education, this is what we call it.

The art of storyboarding is simply a matter of style and letting go of the rules. Whether your style is textual, visual, or both it’s an integral part of the eLearning design process.

The “art of cooking” doesn’t necessarily mean being trained at a prestigous culinary school and understanding the science behind the ingredients, but having a good practical sense of how to execute basic tasks, knowing how to blend flavors, and being attentive to the presentation – the plating. Similarly, the art of storyboarding is blending all the content, assets, instruction, and navigation in a logical, easy-to-understand document or set of documents. The storyboard is now a working blueprint for one person or a team as well as a way to record the overall project for future maintenance.

The word “art” also means there are no rules. (Yay! No rules!) Well, there are some rules but essentially this means there is no right or wrong way to storyboard a project. Each project dictates what needs to be accomplished, and each company or team has its own internal cultural language. The point is to have documentation that outlines and/or maps the flow instruction. So the art in storyboarding is as much the creative design process as is the eLearning course itself. The more time you devote to the storyboard, the less time is needed for development.

Source: elearn Magazine: The Art of Storyboarding


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