I often find myself asking people (often with a look) to put their phones away, but what if I could use their phones as part of the course or lesson?

We often use PCs in class, why not mobile smart phones? They have internet connection, easy to carry and learners are already competent at using them.

I can already think of a few ways of using smart phones in or outside the class room regardless of budget and technical limitations.

You could post a video on YouTube with a discussion point or question and ask for learners to provide one response to your video and one response to another commenter’s response.

You don’t have to use YouTube, in the past I’ve used this method using online newspaper articles or other people’s YouTube videos, simply post the content or a link into your blogging or VLE platform of choice and encourage your learners to post. Remember to moderate language from your learner’s comments J

In some cases it may even engage learners, I can see some enjoying the novelty factor of working in this way, I can also see educators uncovering more innovate ways of using this technology for learning. It’s like anything, the more you practice, the more you will find more creative and innovative ways of working and getting results.

Design learning for mobile phone may encourage your learners to post high quality thoughts because they are walking around all day with phones in pockets and handbags.

Inspiration visits at any time of day, we may not always be near a computer when it visits but we may have a phone in our pocket and it may be more convenient to type out a quick high quality response from a phone than wait until some later time that never comes. This may be a great antidote to procrastination.

If you do try this, please let me know how it works out for you.

Have fun



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