This blog is a space where I share my thoughts on learning and the role technology plays in helping learners and teacher/trainers to meet their goals. It may cover theory, application, reflection on practice, my own personal development as a student and practitioner of technology enhanced learning.

Feel free to comment on my posts as I am a person that enjoys discussion and the exchange of ideas.




3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Technology Enhanced Learning

  1. Hi David,

    I’m absolutely loving the design of your blog – very straightforward and stylish! From what I’ve read so far I can see myself looking forward to getting notifications from your posts.

    And, good luck in the assignment!


    1. Henry, thank you for your kind words, opted for a clean theme in order to avoid past blogging mistakes (getting lost in WP bells and whistles).
      With this blog I’m employing the KISS methodology due to my lack of HTML, CSS skills, they are on my CPD list for 2015.



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      1. I can appreciate that! I’m just coming to the end of a freelance project for which the main developer has added so many plugins and extras it gets difficult to know what’s what. I look forward to hearing how your CPD goes too – I know I need to start on so many things!

        (Also, apologies for such a delayed reply – I didn’t realise this new WordPress backend notifies you of replies too)


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